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Make Fake Bank Statements Download – The Tax Agency (Aeat) has again put in its point of view self-employed workers and companies obliged to pay VAT. In this way, and according to the economist, self-employed professionals and SMEs that can get a letter in the next few days of their intention to cross bank accounts, as well as the license holder. , with the statements of last year, 2016.

Scared? Discounts, although it is a novel procedure. The Treasury warns that these reviews are made only when incidents are detected in the declared amounts. The Aeat announces visits to carry out checks and regularize the situation.

But what does the Treasury understand due to tax inconsistencies? The main reason for receiving one of these missives is the mismatch in the income declared in your 2016 income and in your VAT returns also from last year.

The alarm signal about the under-declaration of income is the lack of coincidence in the results to compare the quarterly models of VAT and IRPF, 303 and 130, with their corresponding annual models, 390 and 190.

If you have already received a letter like the one we announced in this post and you are thinking of providing documents to justify the income, the relaxation. This is not a fiscal responsibility. Of course, you have to be prepared for a possible visit in which you have the opportunity to provide the requested documents.

Make Fake Bank Statements Download

Make Fake Bank Statements Download

Make Fake Bank Statements Download


The tracking of your accounts and bank movements.
Many have made themselves known. The tax agency may have knowledge about our accounts and our banking movements. Finance and your bank maintain a fairly fluid relationship, especially when the presentation of the Income arrives, the moment in the entity with the operations that facilitate their balance in the final account of the year of interest and withholdings.

In addition, in accordance with the General Tax Law, your bank has the obligation to report some of its operations. Payments and income. This obligation is determined not so much by the operation but by the amount. Let’s know, of course:

  1. Transactions with 500 euros banknotes in order to avoid money laundering
  2. Operations that exceed 10,000 euros.
  3. Payments and collections of more than 3,000 euros in cash.
  4. Loans and credits for more than 6,000 euros.

Annual Tax Control Plan 2017: VAT for the self-employed
Hacienda announced a start this year that looks like a witch hunt against the underground economy and some aspects of the activity of the self-employed. The focus of attention is on the VAT that is responsible for collecting for the Public Arcas.

Safety, work, safety, work and monitoring practices have been intensified in the monitoring of rights in 2017, as well as in the Annual Tax Control Plan.

Intensification of the strategy of empowerment of the activity through the participation in the networks where the economic activity of the taxpayers is carried out, the object of the accreditation and regularization of the underreporting of the income.

They are the shops dedicated to the sale of the final product more susceptible to receive a masses and visits to stop the VAT fraud. As it is understood, the multiple operations are carried out in stores and shops and in the difficulty to control the possible activities of the underground economy in which 100% of the income is not declared,

VAT fraud is also monitored in intra-community transactions. The so-called carrousel fraud is, according to the Treasury, one of the most common tax evasion systems that are fed by some legal gaps in the taxation of intra-community VAT.

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