Make A Fake Bank Statement Online

Make A Fake Bank Statement Online – The special liability regime that exists on contractual transactions in the financial sector does not authorize the consumer to default, neglect, ignore or ignore the obligations that parallel him, said the Financial Superintendence.

The entity resolved a dispute in which a bank blocked a savings account due to the alteration of some extracts that were presented by the owner (plaintiff) to the Australian embassy, ​​due to the need, according to this, to accredit greater economic capacity without use them for other purposes.

Although he indicated that he was not competent to qualify the conduct of the person who commits adulteration or adulteration of bank statements, he said that it is reprehensible, since the information in the documents does not come from the defendant nor does it correspond to reality. that, far from being a “simple pilatuna,” as the account holder called it, he ordered copies to be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office for pertinent reasons. (Read: Actions against the financial consumer may be known to the ordinary jurisdiction

Make A Fake Bank Statement Online

Make A Fake Bank Statement Online

Make A Fake Bank Statement Online


Create Banking Extract.

Note: The procedure STEP BY STEP to complete the heading of the title will be shown below. It is recommended to READ all the COMPLETE statements and carefully visualize the IMAGES and their MARRIAGES. In addition, in some of the following images, it is possible to find explanatory notes both below and on them.

Remember that once the tutorial is done and you have learned the process, it will not be necessary to resort to it again. So take the time you need for fruitful learning. For any other question, we are at your disposal.

1. We go to our menu “Accounting”, and then to “Bank and Cash” (It is necessary to slide down).

1.1 In “Bank and Cash”, we select “Bank Extracts.” Page 1Create Bank Extract.

2. 2. Here we will have all the “Bank Excerpts” that we have created. We click on “Create” a new one. Page 2 Create Banking Extract.

3. 3. Here, we can complete the “Name” that we want to assign to our “Bank Statement”, the “Initial Balance” and the “Final Balance”. In addition, we must assign the “Journal” corresponding to our “Bank” in question. Final Balance: Here, we will enter the final balance that appears specified in the “Bank Statement” granted by our “Bank”. Then, at closing, this value will be compared with the “Calculated Balance” being able, if any, to correct the differences.

4.4. Once all the data is completed, we select “Save”. Page 3 Create Banking Extract.

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