Financial Statement Template Xls

Financial Statement Template Xls– Financial results with Excel

With this Excel template it is possible to prepare the annual financial report of the company. Thanks to the multiple functions of the spreadsheets it is possible to know the status or economic status of the business. This Excel template that we offer you is completely free and allows you to know the evolution of the most important economic metrics of the company.

The financial analysis with Excel offers information on the situation of the company providing temporary context. The economic data of an annual report may be biased, for this reason it is convenient to present the financial information of the business with the economic trend produced in recent years. The parameters to take into account when preparing the business economic report are: 1) Background, 2) Sources, 3) Balance, 4) Profit and Loss, 5) Fund flows and 6) Economic results.

This Excel template is prepared to know the annual financial results. We review the contents of the spreadsheet!


Financial Statement Template Xls

Financial Statement Template Xls

Financial Statement Template Xls

Contents of the Excel Financial Results template
The main objective of the financial results report is to know the liquidity of the company, the debt and the profitability of the business. How do we determine the economic needs of the business? Using different financial ratios of Excel. The metrics that make up these ratios will help us obtain essential information for the proper functioning of any business.

The Excel template to know the financial results of the company annually is composed of:

Financial Report tab. It includes different Excel charts to see the evolution of income, net benefits, interest, depreciation and operating benefits. All this is shown with the trend of 5 years seen.
Input tab of financial data. Excel sheet for the most important economic metrics of the business, is prepared to house up to 25 different metrics.
Metrics configuration tab. It is a spreadsheet to configure the graphs shown in the Excel financial report.
If we want to know the financial status of the company we can know with this Excel template. Easily editable and exportable to PDF.

Download the Excel Annual Financial Results template
It is totally free! Pressing the button you will get the perfect tool to create balance analysis with Excel.

With this magnificent Excel template you can prepare the financial report of the company in a professional manner. It incorporates up to 25 different economic metrics to know in depth the business situation. The financial report has to conform to reality to facilitate decision making, and with this Excel template it is possible to do so.

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