Evangelism Mission Statement

Evangelism Mission Statement– Church Mission Statement

Mission of the Church Believing the great commission to make disciples is the greatest responsibility and the greatest privilege we have, we propose to win each person who responds in our area a faith that saves in Jesus Christ baptize them and provide them with an environment where they can be associated with those who will receive encouragement. instruction to build their spiritual lives to the point of spiritual maturity, the tools that will be used to achieve this purpose are:

* The pulpit ministry preaching the Word of God.

* Organized Bible study.

* Personal evangelism.

* Routes.

* A school where Christ is the center of everything.

* Music that honors Christ who is biblical.

* Programs for our young people, ten’s.

* Television show.

To do these things effectively these purposes demands fidelity to Christ and his Word and giving and doing all the best of each individual in an environment of the golden rule, we believe that trying to achieve this purpose is the task that will bring more joy to the heart of our Heavenly father more glory for the name of his son more benefit to our community and more base for world evangelism while we are accomplishing our mission, God gives us multitudes of people who joined us to achieve all this.


Mission statement will be as follows:
1.- Say your purpose and the ultimate goal that you have as an instruction.

2.- Show the end and how to get there and the result.

3.- Write it and that many people participate in developing it.

4.- That it be presented to the whole Church explaining and adopting by the body of the Church.

5.- That it be used to define the mission and vision to motivate and keep us in the right direction and to determine if the institution is achieving or not, what it should achieve.

Evangelism Mission Statement

Evangelism Mission Statement

Evangelism Mission Statement

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