Editable Bank Statement

Editable Bank Statement – The installation of this module can be done by installing the Professional Location Mexico package, as explained here, or it can be done individually.

Individual installation can be done from the Module Management window as System Adminitrator. Look for the name Format States Bank Accounts in the “add modules” tab.

In this case, the following considerations must be taken before carrying out the individual installation

The Core version must be greater than or equal to 3.0.19883
This module can be in a mature version QA Approved or Confirmed Stable. If the search is unsuccessful, in Configurations you must change the option “When searching for new modules, accept versions with this status or higher” in QA Approved, after installing it change that option to Confirmed Stable.

Editable Bank Statement

Data Management Reference
After having done the installation or update, you must enter the client where you want to apply the Bank Accounts Statements Form. The master data is applied directly in the Enterprise Module Management window.

This process will create the option to import the bank statements and an example of a format defined by a Bank.

In the window Bank Accounts States Format, a format defined by the Banamex bank will appear. The format of the banks can be customized by the user, this will be explained later.

Import a Banking Extract
Before importing the bank statement, the format to be imported must be indicated in the Financial Accounts header.

Then you can import the bank statement.

Bank Accounts Statements Format
It would be a question of configuring a Bank Accounts State Format from a spreadsheet defined by a Bank.

It has the following spreadsheet of the image below.

The following information is available in the header:

Bank: ‘is the name of the bank with which the format will be identified.

Initial Row: is the row number where the data that will be imported starts. The data from the previous rows will be ignored.

In the bank field we place the name of Banamex since it is the download format of our statement of accounts. In the initial row of our interest are those that start in row 18, the other data should be discarded.

In this tab you will define the cell number and to which each cell corresponds.

In this field the cell number in which the data is defined is defined, the first cell has the number 0, the second cell has the number 1 and so on consecutively. The cell can be repeated several times in the Column tab, since sometimes in a single cell it can contain more than one data, for example in our spreadsheet in the second cell we have the description and the reference number and that is why it is Repeat twice.

To extend the next level you are entering the Editable Bank Statement level 2


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