Design Agency Mission Statement

Design Agency Mission Statement– How is customer loyalty generated? Take a moment to think about the brands you buy again and again, even when there are cheaper options. Are you traveling with a particular airline? Do you buy coffee at the same establishment every morning? Do you recommend a specific restaurant when someone asks you for a suggestion?

This is the result of businesses committed to their mission, vision and values ​​where, in a couple of lines, they summarize what their products and their strategy represent.

Design Agency Mission Statement

Design Agency Mission Statement

Design Agency Mission Statement

Fidelity emerges this set of principles. The best companies, regardless of the number of employees they have or in which sector they are, strive hard to combine physical, emotional and logical elements in an exceptional experience for both customers and employees.

When you create this link, there are many who will prefer your company. In this way, you will have the opportunity to increase overall profitability, while building a solid base of satisfied customers who become promoters. However, getting there is not easy. You must create a company that employees and buyers are proud of.

Here you will know the definition of the mission, the vision and the values, and you will be inspired by the best examples.


What is the difference between mission and vision
Both the mission and the vision and values ​​are part of the organizational culture, thanks to which the work dynamics are guided by common principles and goals.

While the objective of a mission statement is to describe the “what” and “to whom” of a company, the vision statement refers to the why and the “how.” As you grow, your goals and objectives may change, so it is possible to improve them.

What is the mission of a company?
The mission is a strategic tool that synthesizes the purpose of a company. It is the objective or proposal that serves society, at the same time that it is the basis of the business plan and operational strategies.

Thus, the mission of a company declares its purpose based on the question “why does this business exist?” It generally includes a general description of the organization, its function and objectives.

What is the mission of a company for?
Inspire with the mission the workers, since individually they answer the question “what is the value of my work here?” This is the guideline that takes your particular work towards shared goals.

Remember that employees, especially the youngest, consider that work is a reflection of what they are or what they aspire to; That is why it is important that you have a defined mission.

What is the vision of a company?
The vision is a broad term goal where the aspiration is established about the achievements of a company and what is desired about its future state. Thus, it defines the route to follow for both managers and employees.

How to do a mission and business vision
Sounds good in theory, but how do you create the mission, vision and values ​​of your organization? See how to make each one easily.

How to write a company’s mission
Create it in 3 simple steps:

Go back to the origins: beyond profitability, why does your company have that specific work? It begins with a verb like “we seek,” “we help,” or, if you seek a less subtle effect, “we fight” or “we persevere.”
Remember who you are going to: identify who you want to help or how you would focus your value on a certain market sector.
Think about what makes you different: you have thousands of competitors, but only you offer something in customer service, or perhaps you bring extraordinary social value.
This will result in a relevant and specific statement, both internally and externally.

How to define the vision of a company
The template for the business vision says: We will be___ as follows _____. Ponder what you want the company to be in the long term. Perhaps your wish is clarified when you think about it after 10, 15 or 20 years.

Everyone wants to be a leader: make a difference by showing the importance of your company to society in general, communities and collaborators. Mention how you will achieve it, because that is the key to a big and possible dream at the same time.

How to define the values ​​of a company
If you value everything, you value nothing. Create a list of 3 to 10 principles that provide identity to the business, and the key to that is that you imagine it as a person.

You can combine even values ​​that, at first glance, are contradictory, such as boldness and responsibility. After all, think that the principles you establish should resonate with employees and your audience.

Now you will see 17 famous companies that have an exceptional mission, vision and values. Strengthen stakeholder loyalty with the help of these examples!

17 inspiring examples of business mission
Google: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
Coca-Cola: Refresh the world. Inspire moments of optimism and happiness. Create value and make a difference.
Apple: Design the best personal computers in the world, lead the digital music revolution and define the future of mobile media.
Nike: Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
McDonald’s: Provide a fun and safe environment where customers enjoy good food with quality ingredients and at affordable prices.
Adidas: Leading the sporting goods industry with brands based on the passion for sports and sports lifestyle.
American Express: To be an essential element for customers by giving differentiated products and services in order to help them achieve their aspirations.
InvisionApp: Question the hypothesis. Think in depth. Repetition as a lifestyle. Details and more details. The design everywhere. Integrity.
Honest Tea: Create and promote drinks of excellent flavor, healthier and organic.
IKEA: Offer a wide range of well-designed and functional home furniture products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them
Nordstrom: Give the customer the best service and variety, quality and value of products.
Patagonia: Create the best product, not cause unnecessary damage and use the business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental problem.
Warby Parker: Offer glasses with exceptional designs at attractive prices, while being leaders among socially responsible businesses.
JetBlue: Improve the lives of our customers, employees and community, as well as inspire others to do so too.
América Móvil: Bring people closer every day.
McGraw-Hill Latin America: Accelerate learning through intuitive, participatory, efficient, effective and research-based experiences.
AIESEC: Provide young people with a global platform where they grow in confidence, gain experience and may fail, but learn quickly.

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