Create A Bank Statement Free

Create A Bank Statement Free – In the basic banking services, which are the current services provided free of charge by your bank under the account entitlement procedure, we find, among other things, the monthly sending of a statement of operations carried out on the account.

An indispensable tool for managing its budget and keeping its accounts up to date, the bank statement gives the account holder all the information concerning the inflows (credit) and outflows (debit) of money as well as the balance of its account.

It is an important document since it is included in the legal documents to keep for 5 years, such as the cheque stubs. It is the legal record of all transactions performed on a bank account.

Create A Bank Statement Free

Create A Bank Statement Free

Create A Bank Statement Free

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How do I receive the bank statement ?

By mail

As a general rule, the bank sends the bank statement by mail and monthly, this service is free of charge. It is possible to change the frequency of receipt of the bank statement, but this will generate fees, varying according to the banking institutions.

By Internet

With the development of the Internet, you now have the possibility to consult your accounts online and of course to have your statement in a dematerialized way and to opt for the E-Statement, or online statement on durable support.

The majority of banks encourage their customers to adopt on-line account statements on a sustainable basis (i.e. in electronic form) to reduce the costs associated with sending and operating banking institutions. It is important to note that the online statement of account or e-statement has exactly the same legal value as the paper statement. He’s doing the same operations again. It is your bank that keeps all your statements for you, it certifies you the security and reliability of your documents online.

The majority of banks offer a service that allows you to access your online statements at any time and download or save them in PDF format, and a reliable and efficient backup of your statements for 10 years that you find in your customer space.

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