Church Financial Statement Template Excel

Church Financial Statement Template Excel – Each church must have a detailed regulation, as follows, to protect its assets, verify the accuracy and fidelity of reports, promote the operational efficiency of the church and encourage its fulfillment. In this way the church can control their assets, protect them from improper use and assure their parishioners that indiscreet acts can not happen. This regulation must be written and approved in the minutes of the church.

Small Church Financial Statement

Small Church Financial Statement



A. The responsibility of each one is clearly fixed.

B. Accounting is separated from the operation of the fund.

C. Accounting and operation use certainty tests.

D. Only one person can not make a transaction.

E. Employees are selected and trained.

F. There is rotation in jobs.

G. Each employment has written instructions.


A. Each person will know exactly who is responsible and who is responsible and these instructions will be in writing.

B. After collecting the offering, it will be kept in a secure place until the designated persons can count it. The preferable thing would be a room for this with a table, chairs, a calculator and that the count is immediately after the service.

C. The treasurer can not count or deposit the offering.

D. In order to count the offering, two people are required (at least) and one is allowed to count without the other being present. Nor is the presence of other people prohibited.

E. Those who count the offering are selected by the leaders based on their ability and integrity. These people will be trained and periodically changed. The rotation of the counters avoids fraud or that work is a burden.

PROOF OF THE OFFERING COUNTDATE __________________________

name / number / amount
number / quantity
one. __________________/ ____/ ______

two. __________________/ ____/ ______

3. __________________/ ____/ ______

4. __________________/ ____/ ______

5. __________________/ ____/ ______

6. __________________ / ____ / ______

7. __________________ / ____ / ______

8. __________________ / ____ / ______

9. __________________ / ____ / ______

10. _________________ / ____ / ______

___ x $ 50.00 = ______. ___

___ x $ 20.00 = ______. ___

___ x $ 10.00 = ______. ___

___ x $ 5.00 = ______. ___

___ x $ 1.00 = ______. ___

___ x $ .25 = ______. ___

___ x $ .10 = ______. ___

___ x $ .05 = ______. ___

___ x $ .01 = ______. ___

total checks $ _________

total in cash $ _________


total checks $ _________

one. _________________________

two. _________________________

TOTAL OFFERING $ _________

Please deliver the original to the treasurer and the copy to the desositanteIT IS PROHIBITED THAT ONE SINGLE PERSON COVERS THE OFFERING

F. Each accountant will count the money by itself to avoid mistakes. In this way it avoids that the depositor appropriates surplus money or alarms at the bank for money that is missing.

G. Those who count will fill out and sign a receipt for the count, like the one above, itemizing any check with the name of the person who made it and amount of cash. A copy of this voucher will be delivered directly to the treasurer and the other to the depositor.

H. Those who count will fill out the deposit slip. Each check will then be stamped from behind with the church rubber stamp that will have the words “For Deposit Only” with the name of the church and your account number.

I. The entire offering will be deposited. No payments should be made with the money of the offering. All the offering is deposited, without exceptions. AND POINT. In addition, all the proceeds of any loan made in the name of the church will be deposited. Only by the instrumentality of a check can the church’s money be disbursed.

J. The depositor will respond for the offense if it is stolen. It is not good that that money stays in the church building. If the church wishes, you can request a bank with a key to deposit the offering in the vault “Night Deposit” that has the bank.

Church Financial Statement Template Excel

Church Financial Statement Template Excel

Church Financial Statement Template Excel


A. All disbursement from the church is made by check. Nothing is paid with cash.

B. The treasurer is in charge of making checks and nobody else can have blank checks in their possession.

C. Every check needs authorization before it is done. Church leaders will provide the treasurer with a list of ordinary and necessary expenses. You can also make checks that are necessary to comply with the leaders’ minutes. The treasurer must refuse to write checks if he understands that they are not properly authorized, no matter who requests them. The treasurer must follow his common sense by being slow to pay dubious things and only pay when he is satisfied that the church received the goods or services claimed. It must be early to report abuses, excesses, unnecessary expenses and suspicions to the leaders. Extraordinary purchases need a special authorization written and signed by the leaders.

D. In general, the treasurer, when delivering a check, will receive a receipt or receipts that add up to the amount of the check. It is the treasurer’s duty to keep the receipts in alphabetical order and ensure that he does not pay for the same thing twice.

E. All receipts will have the following information:

1. Name of seller;

2. Address of the seller with telephone, if any;

3. Date of the transaction;

4. Clear and detailed description of what is sold;

5. Detailed price with sum of the total;

6. Signature or initials of the seller;

7. Clapboard number, if it is for gasoline;

8. Delivery address, if it is for construction material.

9. Initials of a leader (this step is not necessary, in general, but can be used if the situation needs more verification, another way would be that the receipts accompany the check so that the signatories can verify the receipts).

F. It is the duty of the treasurer to protect blank checks and canceled checks.

G. The treasurer can not sign a check.

H. Each check requires two signatures.

I. If possible, those who sign the checks should mail them instead of returning them to the treasurer or bearer.

J. Checks will be written as follows:

1. With permanent ink or with a razor

2. In such a way nobody can alter it

3. The amount will be written stuck to the far left to prevent another person from adding numbers.

4. After writing the amount, a straight line will be set to avoid additions.

5. All checks and your check will be listed.

6. Every bead will be completely filled out with great care, specifying date, amount, description of the purpose, in whose name, account number and pending balance.

7. Damaged checks are not discarded, but mutilated and saved. Mutilating a check consists of tearing the signature area from the check, writing “NULL” on top of the check and attaching the check to the back of the heel.

8. It is illegal to make checks with the advanced date.

K. It is forbidden to sign blank checks.

L. The water, light and telephone church account number will appear on the check.

M. It is forbidden to write checks in the name of “CASH”.

N. The treasurer will inform the bank immediately when a check is stolen, lost, when an error is discovered or when a check has to be stopped. This information will be by telephone and then in writing.

O. Upon receipt of the bank’s report, the treasurer will reconcile the accounts and fill out a report for the leaders, with a copy on the church announcements table. It will also display a copy of the account statement. You must also study each check for the following signs of abuse: (1) alterations, (2) lack of signatures, (3) delinquency or (4) endorsement.

It is important to follow these rules without exceptions and leaders will be the first to comply. Failure or eliminating a point damages the entire system.

Church Profit And Loss Statement Template

Church Profit And Loss Statement Template



Each month the treasurer will render a detailed and written report of all the funds that entered and left all church accounts. This report will show the following: previous and subsequent month’s balance, a breakdown of all the offerings of the month, special offerings, some other credit, accumulated interest, a list of all the checks that were written with your check number, to whom, its purpose and amount, some other debit such as collections from the bank, the account number of the different accounts of the church, the signature of the treasurer with the date of signature and the initials of a church leader authorized to approve the report. The report can also list all outstanding debts. The treasurer will keep the original of the report, one copy will be given to each church leader and another copy will be placed on the church announcements board. See MONTHLY REPORT.


In January of each year, church leaders will assign a sibling, sibling committee, or a separate accountant to review all treasury effects such as monthly reports, check register, voucher vouchers, deposit slips, notebooks of savings accounts and account statements. This person or committee will give the leaders a report certifying the accuracy of all records and the cleanliness of the finance system. See REVISION.


In November of each year, the leaders will assign a committee to prepare the annual budget with estimates for the months of April and August. In those months, the committee will report to the leaders comparing church expenses with budget projections. See BUDGET.


A. Currently in Puerto Rico there are works shared among several churches, such as:

1. Bulletin of the Churches of Christ in Puerto Rico

2. Pro Publications Fund

3. Fund Victims of Hurricane Hugo

4. Haiti Fund

5. Arecibo Pro Building Fund

6. Seminars

7. Retreat Center of the Churches of Christ, Inc.

B. These funds should be treated the same as the local church offering.

1. All funds must be deposited in the bank and only returned by checks with two signatures.

2. If a work is permanent they must open a special account for this purpose. If it is temporary, you can deposit the funds in any church account.

3. Should guide the churches or brothers who do not send the money in envelopes with the word “FUND” in the address of the letter. Corrupt employees in the mail put them in their pockets and do not reach their destination. It should be directed to the church or another name that does not indicate that it contains money or checks.

4. Those who receive the envelopes should treat each envelope as an offering from the church. Envelopes can only be opened in the presence of two or more, which do not include the treasurer, and they will fill out a duplicate offering receipt with the following information: name and address of the donor, amount, check or money order, date on that was received and the signatures of the two that opened the envelope. The envelope will be attached to the treasurer’s receipt.

5. Because some checks do not arrive at their destination, because (a) they were never sent; (b) they were lost in the mail or stolen; (c) were deposited in a wrong account, it is necessary to make reports. Those who contribute have the right to know how their money was used and can claim it if it was not used for the purpose for which it was donated. These reports can be monthly, quarterly or annual but they must announce when the participants can wait for them. If a church or work refuses to give reports, one should ask the directors, “What are you hiding?” and let them know that you will never give a penny until they send you a complete and detailed report.

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