Catering Company Mission Statement

Catering Company Mission Statement

Mission: Offer our clients a wide variety of gastronomic services, under excellent quality standards and with the best care, with an adequate planning and organization, and teamwork, that responds to any challenge of the consumer and the competition.

Vision: To be the preferred gastronomic services company in the market segment where we are focused and to be recognized, both for the quality of our products and the service of our collaborators.

General Objective: Provide the catering service to clients who wish to perform any type of social and business event, generating trust, quality, and comfort to the client with our excellence in the trade

Specific Objectives: To be a solid company, both economically and administratively. Have social responsibility Achieve the recognition of our customers and suppliers


Catering Company Mission Statement

Catering Company Mission Statement

Catering Company Mission Statement

Create a favorable reputation with customers, to encourage the growth of our customer base. Make it a profitable company. Be in continuous innovation with each of the events.

Strategy: Achieve a strategic connection with each of the suppliers and thus have their responsibility in each of the services they provide to the company, achieving special costs for it and for the final consumer.

Values: Quality
– Compliance
– Amiability
– Attention – Elegance.

Social impact
Catering Service Gusto y Sabor, affects society, successfully offering food services through outsourcing which have had a strong impact on the world market, covering a large number of services, where people or companies can enjoy all the services gastronomic services moving to the place where you prefer, according to their different events and social commitments, giving the client a complete, innovative service, and with high quality standards.

Environmental impact
Catering Service Gusto y Sabor is committed to protecting the environment through actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of alteration that may arise from our activities, especially in relation to the production of waste (cooking oils, organic waste,
urban, etc …), and energy and water consumption, promoting efficient use of resources.

The amount of food to be prepared will be realistically planned, promoting the consumption of seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits, making it cheap, sustainable and healthy, promoting the consumption of fresh foods, avoiding the use of frozen products. Ecological labeling will be used for food and beverages respecting the environment in its production, Promoting the use of food and beverages of local origin, promoting the socio-economic sustainability of the sustainable event, since we spend the money in the closest environment

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