Business Plan Financial Statements Sample

Business Plan Financial Statements Sample – Once you have carried out the market study, the technical study, the organizational and legal study; You will notice that in the realization of each one of them, you have found information of a numerical nature that is very important, which should not be underestimated and on the contrary it will greatly support the realization of the last, but not least, study that composes a business plan.

Business Plan Financial Projections Pdf

Business Plan Financial Projections Pdf


I mean, of course, the financial study, which transforms into money and numbers each of the previous studies, which have provided valuable information that you surely have at this time.

The main objectives of the financial study are to know the investment or financing necessary for the business, to determine the expected income, the internal rate of return and the return on investment, as well as the time required to reach the breakeven point.

Now, the development of this apart of the business plan is of great care, since this is the section that will get the most attention from your potential investors. All the ideas, concepts and strategies exposed come together in a financial statement and its projections. Nothing interests an investor more than knowing what will be done with the money and when it will see profits from the business.

Keep in mind for the construction of the financial study and the projections that are prepared, follow the accounting standards generally accepted by your respective country, since investors are familiar with these standards and expect to see them reflected in the financial study of your business plan . It is a mistake in which you should never incur to try to invent your own method and form of presentation of the financial statements.

3 Year Financial Projection Template

3 Year Financial Projection Template


It is for this reason that you must know what are the main financial reports that you must present within the financial study of your business plan. These reports are:

Statement of Profit and Loss (Income Statement or P & G)
This is a statement of the current position of the company in terms of the products, income, income, profits, profits, costs, expenses and losses corresponding to a specific period, in order to calculate the net profit or the net loss obtained during that period.

Cash flow statement
It shows the cash withdrawals and entries that will occur in a company during a specific period, to detect the amount and duration of the shortages or surplus cash. It is recommended to do it projected for the first 12 or 18 months in a detailed monthly manner.

Balance sheet
It reflects the financial situation of the company, at a certain date. It allows to make a comparative analysis of it; includes assets, liabilities and stockholders’ equity.

Breakeven analysis
This analysis shows the volume of sales, in physical and monetary units, that must be generated to cover fixed and variable expenses. From the point of equilibrium, your project will start to be profitable. It is highly recommended to present this information based on the use of graphics.

These four reports interact to provide a total vision of the project and its financial dimensions.

Now, if your situation is that of an entrepreneur who is just starting with your business project, the best way to conduct this study is “playing” with the main variables of the same to clearly understand how they interact and what is their effect on profits .

Sample Financial Statements For Business Plan

Sample Financial Statements For Business Plan


In this sense, the variables to be taken into account are:

Fixed costs
The main costs in what is incurred regardless of the volume of sales, such as human resources, office consumables, insurance, external accounting, among others.

Variable costs
They are directly related to the volume of sales, for example in the case of producing a bread, each bread will have a cost of production and if it sells 10 loaves, it will have to pay 10 so many of production.

Sales Price
It is the price at which you expect to sell your product.

Sales Volume
It is the number of units that you plan to sell or are required to cover your costs.

One tip to keep in mind is to make sure that the amounts of resources you have to request is viable and that you can generate a good return on your return to the investor. It is not advisable to “inflate” the budgets with incorrect information, which in the long run can bring problems, when we find ourselves with an overvalued or undervalued business plan. In both cases, this situation detracts from the investor’s interest.

Therefore, it is advisable to review your projections multiple times, returning and going forward until you agree with the financial and financing implications.

Remember that cash is the blood that will allow your business to survive. The pace at which your business consumes money will be the basis for determining your additional requirements in case of having arrears. Ask yourself, for example: How much cash does the business consume per month? Financial reports will usually cover the first three to five years.

Keep in mind that the more the projections are future, the less likely they are to be correct, and the use of totals per year is only a tool to show the potential growth level to the investor.

Following these clear tips you will begin with the work of doing the financial study of your business plan.

Business Plan Financial Statements Sample

Business Plan Financial Statements Sample

Business Plan Financial Statements Sample

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