Bank Statement Home Loans

Bank Statement Home Loans – The Tax Agency has returned more than 2,100 million euros in the last campaign of the rent to more than 3 million people. The campaign began at the beginning of April and will run until June 30, a period in which taxpayers will have to submit the income tax return for individuals (IRPF) corresponding to the previous year.

It must be borne in mind that all workers who have paid more than 22,000 euros in 2016 are obliged to report to the Treasury, provided that they come from a single payer.

Another key to making the statement is to be aware of the fiscal particularities of the region in which they live. And is that each autonomous community has some deductions that can significantly reduce the bill with the Treasury, such as rent, usual residence, expenses for studies of children or adoption.

At the state level, although the deduction for rental of habitual residence has disappeared, a transitory regime is maintained for contracts signed before January 1, 2015, which may maintain the tax advantage. Another deduction that has also disappeared is the acquisition of a habitual residence, but it is still applicable for those who bought their habitual residence or made some payment for its construction before January 1, 2013.


Bank Statement Home Loans

Bank Statement Home Loans - Bank Statement For Mortgage Approval

Bank Statement Home Loans – Bank Statement For Mortgage Approval

Loans is another of the concepts that the taxpayer must take into account to avoid any error. Because that money does not generate any kind of return, it should not be taken into account in the income statement since it does not increase the applicant’s capital. The exception in this section is that the amount requested has been used for deductible items such as a housing reform or the purchase of a house.

A personal loan can be an interesting option to finance a set-up at home. The speed of the process, the lack of bureaucratic procedures when making the concession and the possibility of returning the money in convenient terms are some of its advantages. With the help of Monedo Now or Kredito24 the request will be made with all the guarantees. However, the ideal in this type of loan is that requests for small amounts are made, so they are not recommended for the purchase of a home.

Affiliation to political parties or federations are also subject to deduction, as well as donations. Before completing your income statement it is important that you review these and other concepts. It can be a considerable saving of money.

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